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What is going on with Geology?

The future of Earth Science is in trouble. Read on to find out why.

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Mobile Home Design and Build

In June 2020 with a pandemic descending I made the decision to purchase a used Ford Transit Van and embark on a design and building challenge to turn it into a campervan #vanlife Meet the Van.Phase One: Research and Design (R&D).Phase Two: Build.Build: Cleaning, rust treatment and cutting big holes.Build: Structure: Floors, ceiling, walls and…

Learning is strictly making mushtakes

I was a shy child with a very fixed mindset. I didn’t know it at the time, but now when I reflect back I can see that I approached every task with the expectation that somehow I would be bad at it or fail to be as good as the other students. And I’ve seen…

What’s wrong with Geology?

The future of the discipline of Earth Science is in trouble. Seven of Australia’s 21 Geoscience Departments have suffered substantial cuts or reductions (Boone et. al. 2021), with complete closures of the world-class schools at Macquarie and Newcastle Universities, a trend which has only been accelerated by the Pandemic (Selway 2021). This is despite Australia’s…

The outdoor classroom

Whilst science-based field trips have been enshrined in the school calendar, not all researchers and educators agree on their effectiveness (Cox-Petersen et. al. 2003). The ‘outdoor classroom’, including greenspaces, watersheds, reserves, or other natural settings, is an increasingly popular phenomenon – especially in primary schools in Australia (Jose et. al. 2007, p. 271). A field…

Practice turning people into trees

Children learn about themselves and construct their own identity within the context of their families and communities. This includes their relationships with people, places and things and the actions and responses of others. Identity is not fixed. It is shaped by experiences. When children have positive experiences they develop an understanding of themselves as significant…

Can Science teachers really just ‘skip’ the content?

Short Story For students to learn there is a socio-emotional requirement to create engagement and challenge misconceptions in science.In recent times, constructivist methods have been provided as a panacea to the complex issue of student disengagement in STEM. The false dichotomy between ‘didactic teaching methods’ and ‘constructivist methods’ is misleading. Learning is iterative: to have…

Sharing, not memorizing, things

Constructivism has been around for a long time, with the main contributors to this theory being Kant, Piaget, Vygotsky and Bruner. There is a wonderful ‘constructivist thinking timeline’ linked below which explores all of the various contributors, both large and small, to this pedagogical understanding of learning. According to Piaget (Piaget 1936), intellectual development is…

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