Hi! I’m Loz

Naturalist and Teacher

I am a passionate teacher and geoscientist, interested in all-things nature, science education, community and Geotourism.

I have worked as a Geologist in VIC and NSW in Gold and Copper exploration and I take delight in regional mapping and creating geological models formed from drill hole data and potential fields. I have also volunteered with museums (Central Deborah Gold Mine and Melbourne Museum), organic farms and a nature retreat in the Strzelecki Ranges.

I am currently studying a Master of Teaching (Primary and Secondary Science) with subject methods General Science and Earth and Environmental Science. I am curious about how people think and learn and where ideas come from, as well as how power dynamics in a team or classroom can impact the functioning of a team and the motivation of the diverse humans in the team. Questions are important, empowerment is important and everyone deserves ‘aha’ moments.

I am the creator and director of ‘Weekend Geology‘, the home of Geotourism in Victoria. I am also on the board of the ‘Australian Geoparks Network‘. Geotourism is a vehicle through which people can reclaim a connection with nature, a curiosity about rocks and landscapes and an appreciation for the super important role that Earth Science has in our sustainable future.

Connection, accountability, curiosity and learning.

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